Gestão Jurídica Ambiental - Ed. 2020


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Brazil is a major world economy and future industrial growth will increase its potential impact on the environment, especially in the form of carbon emissions. How Brazil decides to manage the Amazon materially impacts global biodiversity and also global carbon. Moreover, Brazil has the potential to be a leader for other countries in Latin America and in the developing world generally. For that reason, it is not just Brazilians who have reasons to closely observe the development of Brazilian environmental law. The decisions are for Brazilians to make, but there are many others who have an interest in the outcome.

The second edition of the book comes at a crucial time for environmental law in Brazil. It provides a pragmatic viewpoint on current issues. Much like his American counterpart Donald Trump, the President Jair Bolsonaro views environmental protection as an economic burden that should be eliminated as much as possible. This second edition of this book provides an opportunity to understand how Brazilian law has attempted to protect the environment until now and the important policies that should guide environmental policy. Environmental law is not a definitive set of rules. Rather, as the book recognizes, it is an evolving body of legislation and judicial rulings.

Delton Carvalho is uniquely position to undertake this task. I got to know him when he was a visiting scholar at Berkeley, where he took a particular interest in legal issues relating to disasters. Since then, he has becoming the leading authority on that subject in Brazil. That expertise...

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