Fundamentos da Regulação da Privacidade e Proteção de Dados Pessoais - Ed. 2020


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A look at the future of privacy regulation

When considering how to regulate privacy and data protection, we find ourselves at a crossroads. Do we acknowledge the value of data as an asset or do we regard its protection as a fundamental human right? How can the use of data be regulated in a way that does not stifle much needed innovation and protects people's privacy at the same time? Achieving the right balance between the protection of our privacy and the potential to exploit the data we generate is equally critical for human freedom and our future prosperity. This is ultimately what Thiago's book is about. This study into the regulation of privacy and data protection, and its assessment of accountability aims to provide vital clues about the right way forward.

Information about people is a very powerful asset. Data is the blood that keeps the information society alive and makes it grow. Our daily interaction with technology makes data almost self-generating and more importantly, increasingly valuable. When properly and systematically gathered and studied, data can make a difference between failure and success for both governments and businesses. It is no coincidence that public authorities and commercial organisations are constantly hunting for data about their citizens and customers. The biggest success stories of the internet age are directly linked to the collection and exploitation of data about users, and the level of success is only growing in direct proportion to the amount of data produced by users. Data is not just blood. Harvesting and handling data is the new alchemy.

In an ideal world, the regulation of privacy and data protection would rely...

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